Patient Testimonials

“In August, it will be two years since I have the dental implants.  What can I tell you? So far, I am a satisfied customer and I can tell that I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my ability to chew food and also feel more comfortable and very important, it helped to get back my large smile.  Maintenance? No worries, very simple – the implants require the same procedure as the real teeth, brushing, flossing and of course, the regular dental check-ups.”

Best Regards, S.P.

“I never thought I was going to be as happy as I am with the implant I had done by Dr. Natalia Evans over 2 years ago.  I don’t even feel like I have an implant.  I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested.  I wish I  would have known how successful the implant was before I had a previous bridge done.  I am now planning to have another implant.”

Thank you!  Emil S.

I would like to express my absolute satisfaction with the implant job that was done by Dr. Evans in September 2009.  I was quite worried before the surgery and Dr. Evans called me at home the day before surgery and very patiently explained to me once again in detail the whole procedure.  As my tooth was missing for a number of years and the bone deteriorated, she needed to do bone augmentation first.  The whole operation went really smoothly and was performed in the most professional manner thanks to Dr. Evans and her staff.  There was not discomfort or bruising afterwards, and the next day I was back at work.  The second part, putting the actual implant in was even faster, and took less than an hour.  I am extremely pleased with the final result, having my tooth back, the implant is practically unrecognizable from my natural teeth, and being able to smile again without any concerns.  I already recommeded Dr. Evans to my husband who in having 2 implants done by Dr. Evans and would recommend it to everyone who needs the procedure done.  She is a true professional, her staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and make every visit to her office a pleasant experience.

Katarina F.

When the time feels right go and have that dental implant done. It is costly and yes final results are to be seen only after a year or so but the whole process is worth every effort both the patient and the dental team put in. What a great feeling to be able to say a heart felt thank you Dr. Evans and your team with a big smile and regained confidence. I strongly recommend my dentist to anyone seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable, sensitive professional in this field.

Best regards,
Isabella P.