Сознательное седации стоматология

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

  • Sedation will provide you a way of getting your dental work done while totally relaxed and completely comfortable.
  • Sedation is achieved with the use of various oral sedatives (triazolam, lorazepam and hydroxyzine).
  • Sedation is NOT general anesthesia; there are no IV’s or injections of sedatives.
  • You will NOT be knocked out.
  • Sedation allows you to be conscious and responsive.
  • You will be very sleepy and relaxed.
  • You will be able to verbalize your needs and wants.
  • Вам будет контролироваться во время вашей всей назначения с кровяное давление и пульс оксиметрии.
  • Someone will be with you at all times.
  • Используются седативные являются amnesiacs – Вы будете иметь мало или нет память о опыта.
  • The sedatives used relax your nervous system so you will feel little discomfort and will probably not need any pain medication post-operatively.
  • You will continue to relax the rest of the day and into the evening and a responsible companion should be with you until the following day.